Baby Annabell® Dummy with Clip (one supplied)
 Baby Annabell® Dummy with Clip (one supplied)

Baby Annabell® Dummy with Clip (one supplied)

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You've probably experienced this too: when your little darling is particularly excited, she sometimes likes to spit out her dummy. Then, when you actually need the thing to soothe Baby Annabell®, it's like searching for a needle in a haystack... The new dummy models solve the problem! They are equipped with a cord including a clip and are easy to attach to Baby Annabell®'s clothing, or to her snuggle blanket or bedclothes. There are three modern designs to choose from, and all of them match Baby Annabell®'s other accessories perfectly.

The Baby Annabell® premium quality accessories boost the imagination and offer new options and stimuli for play.

One will be chosen at Random - please call 091 760005 or add a message with your order if you have a preference (we will try our best to facilitate your request when possible)
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