Hama Beads Small World Gift Set
Hama Beads Small World Gift Set

Hama Beads Small World Gift Set

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There is 2 different styles of this small world collection. One will be chosen at random unless you have a preference then please add a note with your order.

  • Dinosaur & car
  • Pony & Elephant

Dinosaur & car :

Get creative with the Small World Dinosaur and Car Set! Produce colourful bead designs on the plastic pegboards before using the ironing paper to iron the beads together. Design your very own collection of cars or pack of dinosaurs in all sorts of different colours. Enjoy hours of creative and crafting fun with this kit.

This set contains 2000 beads, 2 reusable pegboards, a colour printed design sheet, instructions, and ironing paper.

  • Create your own car and dinosaur designs
  • Features 2000 beads for hours of creative fun

Pony & Elephant: Approximately 2,000 assorted Midi Hama Beads, a Pony Pegboard and a Small Elephant Pegboard. Contains a design sheet to create two different ponies, a zebra and three different elephants. Also includes Ironing Paper and instructions.

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