John Adams Zombie Magic
John Adams Zombie Magic
John Adams Zombie Magic

John Adams Zombie Magic

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This zombie-themed box of illusions makes magic "dead" good. Have fun with illusions from beyond the grave! There is a spooky coffin where zombies appear and disappear. You can stab swords through a zombie's solid brain. There is a zombie foot with a broken leg bone which only you can reconnect. You can make a zombie brain appear in the spooky specimen jar. There is also a vanishing blood-stained handkerchief, mysterious multiplying maggots, and lots more! Amaze family and friends with this gruesome set of tricks from beyond the grave!


  • Includes 35 'dead' good tricks!
  • Easy to follow instructions
  • Online How To Video Tutorial
  • For all budding magicians and zombie fans!
  • Contents: Severed foot and leg bone, Creepy coffin, 4 x Maggots, Specimen Jar, Full brain, Half brain, Zombie head, Brain disk, 8 x thin swords, Thumb tip, Handkerchief, 3 x plant pots, 2 x maggot swords, Tombstone box, Window viewer, playing cards
  • Batteries not required

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