Party bag set

Party bag set

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Share the fun and creativity with this Play-Doh Party Bag. It has 15 brightly colored cans that each hold 1-oz of dough. You can choose your favorite color and mold cool things with each one separately, or you could combine the colors to create one giant, amazing creation. You can even mix the cans to create your own colors. You can use this modeling compound as school gifts, party favors, classroom rewards or for a fun activity with your friends. Each can features a cute, colorful gift tag on the lid so you can personalize them for your friends at your next party. Moms are sure to love this party bag as well because it is easy to grab on the go to keep imaginative kids happy at a restaurant or in a waiting room. This Play-Doh dough will provide hours of fun for a child.

Play-Doh Party Bag:

  • 15 colorful cans of Play-Doh
  • Play-Doh dough is perfect for party favors and school gifts
  • Contains fifteen 1-oz cans