Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag
Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag
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Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag

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NOV8 is issuing the best of their top secret spy gadgets to new recruits. Investigate in style with spy gadgets in disguise. Use the Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag on your secret missions, just like Adrienne Attoms in the Netflix original series. Prove you have what it takes to become a top NOV8 agent.

Forensics is the use of science to investigate crimes and analyse evidence. Investigators use many different areas of science, including chemistry, biology, and physics to help crack cases. Fingerprinting is one of the oldest methods they use. A fingerprint is created by the oil residue left by a person's finger. Because the ridges on fingertips are unique to each person, studying the patterns left behind by a fingertip help investigators figure out the culprit. Download the Project Mc2 Case Files iOS app to test out your sleuthing skills.

Unlock the chic Ultimate Spy Bag, just like the one worn by Adrienne Attoms, to reveal 20+ secret agent pieces
Fingerprinting kit, includes dusting powder that can also be used as shimmer makeup powder
Air blower that looks like a perfume bottle
Cards to collect fingerprints
Magnifier hidden in a makeup compact
Secret message launcher that looks like a lipstick
Flashlight disguised as a nail polish bottle
Beakers, test tubes and booklet with fun, secret agent experiments
Batteries Required: 3 x AG13 (included)
Suitable for ages 6+

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