Rizmo Snow - Toys4You Toymaster shop in Galway, Ireland
Rizmo Snow - Toys4You Toymaster shop in Galway, Ireland

Rizmo Snow

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Rizmo Snow - Your evolving musical friend has finally made it to planet Earth! Rizmo has traveled here from the far reaches of the universe in search of love, music, and dance. This adorable bundle of fur needs your help to evolve! Rizmo loves cuddles, listening to music and can even mimic your voice. Rizmo loves to play too, and the more you play together the faster this amazing friend magically grows!

Gently push Rizmo’s head and its eyes will change colour. Each eye colour represents a different way to play: roll Rizmo around to hear its music, move Rizmo to make instrument sounds, and more. You can even sing a tune and Rizmo will sing it back to you. It’s your love, care, and happy songs that encourage Rizmo to evolve. As it grows, Rizmo will improve its singing and you will also discover more surprises. This fuzzy friend is truly out of this world! Which Rizmo will you get? Choose one of three colours: Berry, Aqua and Snow.

Product Features:

  • Welcome Rizmo To Earth! Rizmo has traveled from afar looking for cuddles, music and dance.
  • Your Evolving Musical Friend: Rizmo arrives on Earth as a baby - help Rizmo evolve with love and music.
  • Magical Evolution: Cuddle, sing, and play with Rizmo; the more you play together the faster your friend will evolve!
  • Fun Games To Play: Rizmo baby has five evolving play modes. Unlock more surprises as you help Rizmo evolve.
  • A Musical Friend For Life: Rizmo will call out to you, sing with you, and make funny noises. Rizmo is a friend for life!

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