Shopkins Season 8- 5 Pack
Shopkins Season 8- 5 Pack
Shopkins Season 8- 5 Pack
Shopkins Season 8- 5 Pack
Shopkins Season 8- 5 Pack

Shopkins Season 8 World Vacation - 5 Pack

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Series 8 Shopkins are super cute, fun, small characters that love to travel! Join the Shopkins World Vacation! It's so exciting over here in Europe! Come and join us on a World Vacation! With so many new Shopkins to meet on our travels, from fabulous France to pretty Italy, we really wish you were here! So pack your bags for a world of fun because your flight's now boarding! Bon Voyage!

The Shopkins Series 8 Wave 1 5-pack contains 5 European themed characters (1 of which is hidden), 1 Single Room for storage and a collectors guide. Don't forget to look out for the ultra-rare and limited edition Shopkins, including the shimmering snow globes! Create your own City Scape by stacking together the Twin Rooms, Single Rooms and Balcony Lofts from the 2, 5, 12 and Mega Packs!


  • 5 pack of collectable characters including 1 hidden character
  • Includes a Single room for storage
  • Collect all of the European themed characters
  • Look out for the Ultra Rare and Limited Edition Shopkins
  • Includes Collector's leaflet
  • Contents: 5 x Shopkins, 1 x Single Room, 1 x Collector's Guide

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